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Guest Chat Information for Hearing Loss Association of America

1. On the right side under "Links," click on "Visit our Chat Room."


Visit our Message Board

Visit our Chat Room
(and see who else is online)

2. To enter the chat room, enter your name in the "User Name" field. This is the name you will be identified as during the chat, so use your real name, not an alias or screen name.
Press the "Connect" button.
User Name Field
Note: you may see a Java icon and have a few seconds delay or have to click on the Java icon to continue.  If your machine does not have Java installed or encounters other technical problems, try clicking on the “Get Help with Java” in the menu bar at the top of the screen.  You may want to try this a few days before the chat to be sure your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements.

3. You are now in the public chat room or "lobby"; as noted below the lobby is a hallway, not a chat room, so you must click on "Show Rooms," which is above your name, to select a room to use.
Chat Room Lobby