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Guest Chat Information Continued

4. In the list of rooms will be Guest_Chat, click on that room to join the Guest Chat.
Guest Chat Room

5. Once in the Guest chat room, you can click on the top button to "Show Users" to see who is in this chat room.
Typing a Message

There are many options available. The basics you may want to use are:
Button Key
Bold- Bold Button - Click to display your text in bold font style. 

Italic - Italic Button - Click to display your text in italic font style.
Color- Color Button - Click to select a different font color for your text.
Emoticons- Emoticons Button - Click to display the emoticon library, and to add an emoticon to your message.
Help Page- Help Page Button - Click to load the default Help Page in a new browser window.
Log-In- Log-in Button - Click to log in to the chat room.
Log-Out- Log-out Button - Click to log out of the chat room.

WARNING: All chat room sessions are open and recorded.